Paranormal Adventure at Golden Lane

Our Channeling Sessions Have Provided Predictions For the Future.  The Words in Capital Letters are the Exact Statements of the Spirit Guides to Our Questions.  The  Questions are Mine, The Answers Are From the Other Sided of the Life Veil
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York Springs, Pennsylvania

“Turning Non-believers into BELIEVERS”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 6 July 2011

yeah we all watch the shows.. but our trip to Golden Lanes was even better -- amazing real-time!! Some people out there, like myself, think of ghosts as full body figures that are "scary" and a topic they avoid because 1) they don't believe in that "sort of thing" or 2) because they've experience the unexplained in their own life. I'm the latter so I thought this would be the best opportunity to confirm as to whether or not there is a world out there of the unknown. Not only was our trip to Golden Lane Antiques informative; it was a boat load of fun. From being able to experience raw interaction with spirature orbs, to the voice box and medium, to just viewing some of the photographs that are on file. One of the skeptic teenagers that came along ended up walking out of Golden Lane Antiques a little bit more open minded to at least the possibility of the existance of spirits. I would highly recommend doing this live event to anyone!!! In fact, i'm going back with a good many of my friends.
  Visited June 2011

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New Oxford. PA

The amount of orbs that we were able to see was simply amazing and I never thought that my para-normal eperience would be so incredible and fun. The thing that really blew me away was being able to see in live time -- a shadow form--it is something that I will never forget. Thank you Golden Lane Ghosts!!!!

  Visited May 2011

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Paranormal Adventure at Golden Lane

Future Predictions From a Golden Lane Channeling Session

by Barry Strohm on 05/18/12

Channeling Session, 5/17/2012 Golden Lane

On this evening we were holding a Paranormal Session with two guests.  As we were doing the ghost box portion of the session we could hear the word “message” spoken distinctly over the box.  We assumed this word indicated the guides wanted us to use the Spirit Board for a more detailed message.  The first words spelled the message:


·       Are you a spirit guide in the name of God?  YES

·       When will the war come?  ANY DAY – ISRAEL – US WILL NOW BE INVOLVED.

·       Can you give more detail?  LOOK FOR FRIDAY – SOON.

·       Since this is Thursday, will it be tomorrow?  FRIDAY

·       Is there any danger here?  A MAJOR ASSASSINATION.

·       Who will be assassinated?  No answer.

·       Will it be an Israeli?  NO

·       Will it be an Iranian?  BE A HIGH FIGURE.

·       Will it be an American? NO

·       An Iranian?  No answer

·       The glass pointer then spelled out:  EXPECT WW3

·       Will nuclear weapons be used?  WILL ATTEMPT.

·       Against the United States?  NO, NOT AT THIS TIME.

·       What should we do?  KEEP ORDER AND FAITH.

·       Will Jerusalem be safe?  NO

·       Will Israel be OK?  AT MOST

·       Will Iran use nukes?  THEY WILL TRY, AS WILL NORTH KOREA.

·       Will North Korea attack South Korea?  NO

·       Will US troops in South Korea be OK?  YES

·       Will Israel be the first to attack?  YES

·       Will anything affect the G8 conference?  NO

·       The board then spelled out:  THE NEW WAR WILL END COMMUNISM.

·       How long will the war last?  10 YEARS

·       The board then spelled out:  YOUR PRESIDENT WILL LEAVE OFFICE.

·       Do you mean President Obama?  YES, FORCED OUT.

·       How soon?  12

·       Do you mean 2012 or months?  MONTH

·       Forced out in December?  YES

·       Should I put this information on the web site?  INDEED, NOW IS THE TIME.

·       Is war coming soon?  YES

·       Can you be more specific?  YES, WITHIN 2 WEEKS.

·       Should we do anything else?  TELL ALL TO TURN BACK TO FAITH

·       Will the US be attacked?  IN RIOTING

·       Will they be religious riots?  PARTIALLY

·       Will there be race riots?  AGAIN, PARTIALLY

·       What will be the role of the Catholic Church and the Vatican?  SECLUSION, FEARFUL

·       Anything else to know?  WHAT MORE IS THERE.

·       Is there any good news?  REMEMBER THE DAYS WE ARE IN

·       Are you saying there will be a time of turmoil for 10 years?  SADLY TO SAY


Stolen Ghost Box

by Barry Strohm on 10/23/11

Oct. 1, 2011 – JOEL TOOK THE BOX

Generally, the highlight of our sessions at Golden Lane is when we communicate with the other side on our ghost box or paranormal voice enhancer.  For years investigators have recorded EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) or answers to questions from the spirit world.   The answers were very low in volume and generally hard to understand.  Several years ago researchers discovered the ghost box or spirit box that allowed individuals in the room to hear the voices of the deceased in live time.   

A ghost or spirit box is a modified portable radio that scans the am dial in a short period of time emitting a combination of partial words and white noise.  The combination of sounds allows the spirit world to manipulate a response that can be actually heard as without audio assistance.  The speed of the scan has an effect on the efficiency of the ghost box.  I have experimented with several different radios and scan speeds and had been using a modified radio that was getting very impressive results.

In late September I was preparing the equipment for a session and discovered that my favorite ghost box was missing from the shelf in my viewing room.  At Golden Lane, when something is missing there is always the possibility that one of our spirits has hidden the item.  For instance, one time I was using a screw driver and laid it on the table where I was working in the basement.  When I came back to use it, the screw driver was not where I left it.  The next day I found it had been replaced on the table.  Hopefully the ghost box would be returned like the screw driver.  Unfortunately, this time it looks like an unscrupulous individual figured out how to get a ghost box without paying for it.   If the person that took it believed it was just a radio, he will be in for a rude surprise.  As I set up for the next session I was forced to get my old ghost box out of retirement.  It had a slower scan rate but there was no way to get a new radio before Saturday night.  Surely the spirits would not notice the difference!

As the session began, we observed a huge number of orbs on the live cameras and the EMF meters were reflecting the activity.  Everyone in the room was anticipating the ghost box session.  Our clairvoyant, Barbara Lee began the session by asking if anyone would like to come forward and speak to someone in the room.  A male voice responded in a loud voice that was heard by everyone in the room.  The reply heard was a single word, “stop”!  Not exactly what we were expecting!  Barbara asked who said “stop” but there was no definitive answer.  When the room is active with orb passing through, it is quite common to hear a lot of different names.  One of the names we heard was “Joel” but none of the guests were familiar with a deceased person by that name.

All of our sessions are recorded in quad sound on a special recorder so we have clear documentation of what takes place.  I usually monitor the recorder with ear phones so I can better hear the responses and ask questions.  As I listened on the ear phones I clearly heard a female voice say “stop”.  Whatever we were doing the spirits, male and female, obviously wanted us to stop it.  The more we asked questions, the more we heard random voices say “stop”.  This had never happened before and Barbara and I discussed what could possibly cause all these negative answers.

I suggested that maybe the volume was too loud on the ghost box.  I turned down the volume on the box and Barbara asked the question “is that better?”  A clear male voice spoke the word “no”.  This was turning into a very bizarre session.

Sometime the direct approach works best so I asked the question, “What would you like us to stop?”  A different voice answered, “Other box”.  It suddenly dawned on me that they were talking about the ghost box itself; they wanted us to use the box that had been stolen!  Barbara Lee responded to my epiphany by saying “well, you will just have to make do”.  A male voice made the response in a disgusted tone, “great”.  Apparently spirits don’t handle disappointment well.

My next question was “Did someone take the box?”  The clear response was “yes”.  Now we were really getting close to solving the mystery theft.  I asked, “Who took the box?”  The next answer was “Joel”.  Whoever Joel is, living or dead; he apparently stole my ghost box.  I thought I would verify the name of the culprit so I asked the question, “Did you say Joel stole the box?”  The answer was ‘Yep”. Case closed!

One of the guests then asked what I believe was the best question of the evening. “Will you go to Joel’s house and spook him and maybe get the box back?  The clear answer was “sure”.  Whoever Joel is, I think his Karma is about to take a turn for the worst.  If someone comes running through the door of the store yelling “please take back the ghost box”, we will know it is Joel.



by Barry Strohm on 08/15/11

Sat. Aug 13,2011 – VOICES FROM THE DEEP

Earlier sessions had yielded spectacular results as our guest heard the voices of deceased love ones.  Thunderstorms had passed through the area earlier in the day leaving a heavy humidity and energy in the air, a perfect situation for our ghost box or paranormal voice enhancer. Spirits need to draw energy from some source and my experience has shown that the passing of electrical storms can produce amazing results.   Even though we had a small group on this night, I felt there would be memorable results.  As it turned out, I was not disappointed.

About 30 minutes into the session, everyone in the room heard the name “Rusty” come over the voice box.  Our small group was at first puzzled by the name.  As we discussed the possibilities, one of the guests suddenly remembered a long lost friend from when he had served in the Navy, in the Submarine service.  His friend, with the nickname “Rusty” because of his red hair, had been aboard the USS Thresher, a nuclear attack submarine that was lost at sea in 1963.  The ship still lies off the coast of Cape Cod in 8500 ft of water with all hands aboard lost in the watery grave.

As our guest recounted his memories of the Thresher, he had actually been assigned to be aboard the submarine.  A mix up in paperwork had occurred preventing him from serving on the doomed ship, his friend Rusty had been assigned in his stead.  As it turned out, our guest actually knew 5 sailors that died on the ship.  Barbara, the clairvoyant present at the session, knew nothing of the 1963 disaster.  Being the oldest in the group, I remembered the headlines of when we lost our first nuclear submarine.  I voiced the question that was now on all our minds. “Rusty, are you here with our guest”?  The answer that came across the ghost box for all to hear was “yes”.  I asked the question, “Were you aboard the Thresher”. Once again the answer was “yes”.  We were in contact with the victims of one of our worst marine disasters.

Two more names came across the ghost box.  Our guest was overcome with emotion as he indicated the additional names were also his long lost friends.  I asked the question if they were “OK” and the answer came back, yes.  About this time the emotions in the room were so heavy they could have been cut with a knife.  We were at a loss for words. 

Barbara broke the silence with a seemingly unrelated question.  Does the name Gertrude mean anything to anyone?  She said she was hearing the name Gertrude over and over in her head.    The name Gertrude failed to stir anyone’s memory in the dark room.  She voiced the name again but there was once again no response.  We could not get any more responses on the ghost box so we all took a deep breath and moved on with the session.  This had truly been one of our most memorable events on the ghost box.

As I went back to my apartment that night my mind was racing from the amazing session we had that night at the store.  Sleep was out of the question as I replayed the incidents of the evening through my mind.  About midnight my phone rang, it was a very excited Barbara Lee.  The news she had did little to help me get to sleep.  When she got back to her house she researched the USS Thresher incident on her computer.  To her amazement the code name for the submarine on the day it sunk was “Gertrude”.  This was the name that had come to her during the session and had failed to jog anyone’s memory.  The voices from the deep had given undeniable proof of their spirit presence.



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